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What can it do?

The Surveyor Pocket Tools provides the several small, compact and power tools for survey professional.

A list of tools

Here ‘s a detailed list of tool’s included in the Surveyor Pocket Tools:

  1. UTM-Geo Converter – Coordinate conversion for single point conversion from Geographic coordinates to UTM coordinates or vice versa. The coordinates must be based on WGS84 datum.
  2. Transform Coordinates – Coordinate transformation for single point calculation between difference coordinate reference system. The tool support almost the world coordinate system.
  3. File Transform Coordinates – Coordinate transformation from CSV file and output to spreadsheet file like Microsoft Excel.
  4. EGM – Compute geoid height (geoid separation) from given point. The computation is based on EGM96 or EGM2008 model.
  5. Geodesic Distance – Compute the shortest distance between two points on the ellipsoidal shape of the earth.
  6. Great Circle Distance – Compute the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere.
  7. Point Scale Factor – Compute the Elevation scale factor (ESF), Grid scale factor (GSF) and Combined scale factor (CSF) from given point.
  8. Line Scale Factor – Compute the average elevation scale factor, average of grid scale factor and average combined scale factor. The average calculation use of the Simpson 1/6 rule.
  9. Area – Compute the area on the grid based from CSV file. The coordinate of the CSV file based on projected coordinate system. The computation needs two steps, the firest step convert the area to ellipsoidal surface and the second step convert the ellipsoidal area to ground surface.
  10. Low Distortion Projection – Design and apply of Low Distortion Projection (LDP). The design objective is usually to minimize linear distortion over the largest area possible. These goals are at odds with one another, so LDP design is an optimization problem. For design new LDP will 2 tools as belows:
    • Init Design LDP – Select the average ellipsoid height of an area (h0) and then Choose projection type and place projection axis near centroid of project area. Finally will get axis scale factor at ground “k0” from the calculation.
    • Create LDP – Use this tool to store the LDP to “LDP Database” and can compute distortion throughout project area and refine design parameters.

In addition, There is a small database “Geo Database” which the user can store some geographic/projected coordinates to the database and restore back to use later. The database display in table view mode and easy just drag and drop to the tool and compute.