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Locate and Use of Example data

On the main window when you start the Surveyor Pocket Tools , you will see the “Example folder” as screenshot below.Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-04-04_08-31-04

Double click to run, The file explorer will be displayed the “Example folder”. This folder will be created when you installed the “Surveyor Pocket Tools”.


Click at the address bar the folder will be shown as “C:\Users\priabroy\AppData\Roaming\Surveyor Pocket Tools“.  The location on your computer should be “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Surveyor Pocket Tools”. Replace the with your account name. Please note this files and folders were hidden by Windows operating system.


Double click on the folder “example data” to access inside the folder. You can see the files that use to test for some tools in “Surveyor Pocket Tools“.