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Use Geo Database

Geo Database is a small database that designed to be convenience for the user to store the point coordinates and coordinate system to a database. When you need to recalculate just restore from the database by drag the point to the target tool. The point will be restored the coordinates and the coordinate system as well.

To store the coordinates to the Geo Database

Select the coordinate system and enter the coordinates if you use “Transform Coordinates” tool. The screenshot below shows the steps to store the point into database.  Please note after you click store-32 button, there is dialog ask you to confirm to save the point to database. Click “OK” to save.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-31_13-14-36

You can store the point on the right panel as well after computation.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-31_13-30-55

If you use “UTM – Geo Converter”, enter the coordinate and select UTM Zone No. and then click the store-32button. Please note this tool no need to define the coordinate system due to its coordinates are based on WGS84 datum.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-31_13-23-20.png

Display the database

The tool provided a few ways to access the database that stored the points coordinate and coordinate system:

  • On main windows of “Surveyor Pocket Tools” double click the “Geo Database” icon as screenshot below.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-31_13-48-58

The Geo Database will be displayed the point coordinates and the coordinate system on the table as the screenshot below.


The database will keep the point name, point coordinates, height, vertical reference, point group, coordinate reference system (CRS), datum and geodetic angle display format.

  • On the tools just click the restore-32 button and the database will be displayed. The restore-32 button is common element that are used by many tools in “Surveyor Pocket Tools”.



Restore point from database

To restore the point from database that display on the table by mean of drag and drop. Scroll the mouse the point that you need and click the mouse on the row, drag and drop on the input area. Please see the screenshot below for understanding.


The coordinate system will be changed and the point coordinates will be filled from the database.


Backup and Restore the Geo Database

In case of uninstallation the old version of “Surveyor Pocket Tools”, you need to backup the “Geo Database” because of the uninstallation will remove the database. When you backup is done you can install the new version and then just copy the database file back to the folder. Follow the link for more information.

How to backup and restore the Geo Database?