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How to use?

Install and Uninstall

The tutorial will show the first step how to install the application on your PC.

How to install and uninstall the Surveyor Pocket Tools.


After downloaded and installed Surveyor Pocket Tools and take a look at the desktop you will see the iconLand Surveying-32  and then double click it to run. The first time you start Surveyor Pocket Tools, the main window is displayed.

The list of tools included in the Surveyor Pocket Tools are shown as the screenshot above. The desktop application provides many several handy power tools for professional surveyor. The Surveyor Pocket Tools include:

UTM – Geo Converter

Use this tool for single point coordinate conversion between Geographic (latitude, longitude) coordinates to UTM projected coordinates. The coordinates must be based on WGS84 datum.

Continue reading the guide, How to use UTM- Geo Converter?

Transform Coordinates

Single point coordinate transformation between difference coordinate system. Please follow the link below for a guide to help you perform the coordinate transformation.

Read more on, How to use Transform Coordinates?

File Transform Coordinates

Batch file coordinates conversion and transformation from Comma-separated values (CSV) file that stores a tabular numeric coordinates.

How to use File Transform Coordinates? A guide how to perform coordinate transformation from CSV file.


Compute the height of the geoid above the WGS84 ellipsoid using interpolation in a grid of values for the earth gravity models, EGM96 and EGM2008.

See How to use EGM? for more information.

Geodesic Distance

Compute the shortest distance between two points on the ellipsoidal shape of the earth.

How to use Geodesic Distance? Determine the distance between two points.

Great Circle Distance

Compute the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere.

How to use Great Circle Distance? Determine the distance between two points.

Point Scale Factor

Compute the Elevation scale factor (ESF), Grid scale factor (GSF) and Combined scale factor (CSF) from given point.

How to use Point Scale Factor? Calculate the scale factor of the point that relies on the projected coordinate system.

Line Scale Factor

Compute the average Elevation scale factor (ESF), average Grid scale factor (GSF) and average Combined scale factor (CSF) from given a pair of point.

Read more on, How to use Line Scale Factor? 


Compute the area on the grid based from CSV file. The coordinate of the CSV file based on projected coordinate system. The computation needs two steps, the firest step convert the area to ellipsoidal surface and the second step convert the ellipsoidal area to ground surface.

How to use Area? A guide how to perform Area calculation from CSV file.

Init Design LDP

Design a Low Distortion Projection (LDP) for a specific project geographic area. Use a conformal projection referenced to the existing geodetic datum.  Use this tool to define distortion objective for area of interest and determine representative ellipsoid height, ho (not elevation), then choose projection type and place projection axis near centroid of project area. Scale projection axis to representative ground height, ho. Finally Compute map projection axis scale factor “at ground” to get k0. We will use this “k0” for design a new LDP in the next tool.