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Select a Coordinate System

The coordinate system group on the top of the panel is common to every tool in “Surveyor Pocket Tools“. The tool provided the quick way to browse and select the CRS you need.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_14-01-19

To select a coordinate system you can do in three steps:

  1. Select the “Group” at the top line that there are only two choices to select:
    • Projected Coordinate System (PCS)
    • Geographic Coordinate System (GCS)
  2. Select the “Datum” at the bottom line. Use the mouse scroll until you meet the datum you need. In case there are too many datum on the list it is very hard to find. You need to type the name of the datum only the short word and then the new list will show the available datum that relevant to the name you type. At the last you can select the datum you need.
  3. Select the “System” at the middle line. If the “Group” is “Geographic Coordinate System“, the “System” is available only “Latitude/Longitude”. If the “Group” is “Projected Coordinate System“, The list may have plenty of  map projections that correspondent to that datum. The concise selection from the list you can type the short key word, then the new list that relevant to your typing will pop up that you can select the one you need easily.

Example of selecting a Coordinate System

The target of coordinate system you need:

  • Projected Coordinate Reference System : Alaska zone 1
  • Datum : NAD83 (National Spatial Reference System 2007)

Assume the current coordinate system as the screenshot below:

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_15-09-49

Change the “Group” to “Projected Coordinate System”:

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_15-29-33

The group has changed:

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_15-30-23.png

Change the “Datum” to “NAD83 (National Spatial Reference System 2007)”. First type the short name, for example, “NAD“. The new list will show with the relevant to the name “NAD”. Select the last one that we need.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_16-03-22

Here’s the result:

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_16-05-42.png

You will see the “System” is Alabama East that is not correct. We need to change the “System” to Alaska zone 1. Type “Alaska” and the new list will show as below.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_17-28-18.png

It’s done by select “NAD83(NSRS2007) / Alaska zone 1“.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-03-30_17-30-54.png