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Define Angle Display Formats and Input Geodetic Coordinates

Unit Display Settings

There many possible display formats for input geodetic coordinates (latitude/longitude). The formats that you can select are displayed below with an example:

  • Decimal degree:

example of latitude: -17.8666666667 or 14.2425667167

example of longitude: -118.235265252 or 156.5232526525


example of latitude: 17°52’58.26201″S or 14°14’33.24018″N

example of longitude: 118°14’6.95491″W or 156º31’23.70955″E

  • DD°MM.MMMM’:

example of latitude: 17°52.97103350’S or 14°14.55400300’N

example of longitude: 118º14.11591517’W or 156º31.39515917’E

When you input the degree sign º, sometimes it so hard to key from the keyboard. If you have the numeric keypad just press “Alt + 0176” to get the degree sign or choose it from “Character Map” from Windows tool. For the convenience, you can use character “d” instead of degree sign, for example, 118º14.11591517’W change it to 118d14.11591517’W

Input Geodetic Coordinates

The angle display formats are common to every tool on the Surveyor Pocket Tools. You can define the format with the selection on combo boxes. The next example use the DD°MM’SS.SSSS” for the geodetic coordinates. Please note use character “d” replaces the degree sign.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-04-06_11-50-29

The example shows the angle display format in degree decimal.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-04-06_11-55-05


The next example shows the angle display format in DD°MM.MMMM’.

Surveyor Pocket Tools_2017-04-06_12-00-04