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Welcome to Surveyor Pocket Tools

Welcome to Surveyor Pocket Tools, the new survey desktop application for surveyor that consists the completely set of handy, compact and powerful tools. My name is Prajuab Riabroy a developer of the Surveyor Pocket Tools. I am the profession survey engineer from Thailand. I have performed and overseen include geodetic control, topographic, bathymetric and construct staking. I have the experiences more than 20 years on this field. Programming is my favorite hobby and now I’m using Python & PySide2 framework. I have been developing the Surveyor Pocket Tools to use on my own on the first time and later I love it and I would like to share to every surveyor. Because it is a set of handy, compact and powerful and easy to use. Please try it. It’s absolutely free of charge. Please note the application is under a beta version so it is likely to contain some bugs. The release version now is 0.70 build 513.

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